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The revolutionary
way to connect with your people.

Hryzn is a social platform where people can connect with their communities through niche topics, using the future of Web 3.0

Your passion. Your people.

Join a hub of niches from recipes, to workouts, to crypto, and much more...

Our Features

Besides the web 3.0 stuff, we're also a pretty cool social platform.


Your Passion. Your People.

Join a hub of niches where your interests connect you with your community. From recipes, to workouts, to crypto, people can discover what they love and connect with their people. Even if it's a little weird, it's probably on here.

Explore & Discover

Built for those that love to discover

With a built-in search engine and a vast array of niches, you can explore endless amounts of content until your heart's content. Pretty similar to how cool Youtube, Pinterest, and Google are.

The Hryzn Metaverse

Connect with your people in a 3D virtual world.

Join groups of like minded people in a fully customizable 3D experience. From a hub of niches to choose from, let your interests connect you with your people in an animated virtual world. Like if Discord and Facebook groups became 3D.

On the blockchain

Your data is your's to own, not our's to take control of. That means your content can't be censored, altered, or destroyed by those mean companies anymore.


From the bottom of our hearts, we hate Facebook and those like them. We really despise what they've become. So it's in our every being not to screw you over for that "profit at all costs" mentality.

Democratic Governance

In addition to the whole anti-capitalism thing, Hryzn offers a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Runners of the DAO are promoted through earned democratic governance tokens.

The Creator Economy

We also want creators to get paid. We're excited for the new creator economy.

Here's all of the cool ways to make money

  • Setup a social token and have your supporters invest in you like shares of stock.
  • Sell your products online.
  • Collect tips from fans.
  • Play to earn credits and rare NFT's.
  • Create and sell anything as a NFT, from profile themes, avatars, content, or even virtual groups.
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our roadmap

We want to be transparent as much as possible with everyone. So here's an inside look at what's to come.

January 2022
Waitlist up and running!
February 2022
Launch of equity crowdfunding campaign, giving users a chance to invest for as little as $100.
April 2022
Launch of Hryzn V1. Features include custom profiles, posts, search engine, messaging, 2D groups, sell products, collect tips, and Hryzn in-app credits.
May 2022
Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launch.
June 2022
Launch of Hryzn V2 and private beta testing. Features include social tokens, 3D groups, NFT marketplace, and NFT avatars.
July 2022
Rewards are given out to the first 1,000 in waitlist with private beta testing access.
August 2022
Hryzn is launched to the public!

Want early insider access?

Yeah, entering your email and receiving updates from us is cool and all that. But, it would be even cooler if you got to skip the line and be one of the first few insiders that got to experience the platform firsthand before anyone else. And I also overheard our CEO talking about a limited edition NFT and earning some governance tokens or something like that. Only the first 1,000 get these benefits so be sure not to miss out.
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If you have any questions, we may have some answers for you. Here's some of our frequently asked questions.

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