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5 Easy Ways To Grow A Local Business

5 Easy Ways To Grow A Local Business



Growing a local business can be difficult at times and can sometimes feel like you're lost in the dark. It can be a major cause for headaches, stress, and frustration. However, with a few simple techniques and some 'tender love & care', your business can grow exponentially. Here are five ways to do so:

1. Social Media

The new age of social media is upon us, and it's time to take action. Creating awareness and promoting your brand is essential to reach new customers.

Even though it may seem like there's one secret method to rule them all, each platform is different and must be treated differently. So it is better for your business to choose your top three and become a master of those.

Instagram and Twitter

- Great for brand awareness

- Used to entertain

- Visually appealing pictures are a must

Facebook and Youtube

- Best for targeting audiences

- Good way to increase web traffic

- Very useful ads platform


- Good for blogs

- Increase web traffic


- Increase web traffic

- Showcase expertise

- Built in search engine

- Promote brand awareness

2. Website & SEO

In this day of age, a website is essential for any business. Think of it like a multi-tooled business card that anyone in the world can see. Having an appealing and seamless user interface allows for a user to navigate through your services and learn more about you.

With the addition of search engine optimization, it is like adding fuel to a fire. It's important to be found, and to be inviting for customers.

3. Networking

Another great and highly undervalued method is networking. Word of mouth is a local business' best friend and a crucial part to any growth strategy. Providing the customer with a remarkable experience not only creates a returning customer, but creates the opportunity to share within their network.

Going out to events and meetings is also another great way to get your name around and moving.

4. Review Sites

Customer testimonials and social proof are key ways to gaining new customers and building an online reputation. Creating a remarkable experience can increase your ratings on review platforms.

Most of the time, the first thing a customer does is go online and check the reviews of a business. Also, give the customer an incentive to want to leave a good review with things like discounts or coupons for their next visit. Good review sites are:

Google My Business


Trip Advisor

Angie's List

5. Content Marketing

Another great way to grow a local business is through content marketing. Content marketing is great for long term success and to show expertise in a field. It is also an added boost for search engine optimization.

Building a loyal fanbase can be done by providing free downloadable guides online, or relevant blog posts that target customer pain points. Provide the customer with free value to grow an audience.

With Hryzn, content marketing is now easier than ever.

Bonus: Google Ads

A new feature coming soon to Manta's services will be Google Ad Campaigns. Search engine optimization targets organic search on search engines, while Google Ads are intended for paid search.

Ranking and bidding for relevant keywords can put you in the eyes of a customer with intent. For a local business it is a remarkable tool to add to any marketing arsenal.

So with these five simple ways to grow a local business, a new light can be shined on a dark path. Going out and providing exceptional service while increasing awareness for your brand is essential to grow.