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How to stand out online in 2021

How to stand out online in 2021



Why should I care about my online presence?

When you think of it, what’s the difference between a business card and a website? Not much at all to be honest. Both are good ways to showcase your brand and what you have to offer, however a website is far more in depth than what a business card can provide. A website is not only a huge way to get traffic, but what happens when you get that traffic? The way it looks, feels, and performs matters a tremendous amount to consumers.

So why should my social media profiles be any different? Social media is a way to get up close and personal into the lives of your friends and followers, it is a way to connect with your audience in their place of entertainment. Your online presence not only gets you clients to work with, but it’s a way of self presentation for your own self image. It’s a way to give others a sense of who you are and what you care about.

Why can’t I use what’s already out there?

Truth of the matter is, you can and nobody’s stopping you. But, it’s hard to recognize a needle out of an entire haystack. There’s such a huge existing landscape, it’s difficult to differentiate from the crowd. Let’s say you create a new Twitter or Instagram account, it’ll take a few months until you build a substantial following, and trying to create an awareness for your brand takes a multitude of likes, follows, comments, shoutouts and much more.

On top of that, you can’t even customize your profile to your liking, the only thing different you can offer is a bio and some pictures. Now I’m not saying it’s impossible, but if you’re anything like me don’t you want better for your image?

How can Hryzn help me?

Here’s the to answer the question “How do I stand out online?” in one word: Hryzn. Hryzn is a social network that connects people through their interests, meaning you’ll find multitudes of blogs, pictures, audio, and text on any topic you’re into. With these targeted niches, you have audiences for any topic such as cooking, cryptocurrency, dog walking, literally anything you can think of.

One of the best parts is, it’s based off of a search engine like Pinterest or Youtube, so instead of having to navigate through networks of people, all you have to do is play the algorithm to rank for what people are searching for.

Now to top that off, you can customize your profile with pre-set themes, colors, fonts, background pictures, and much more. Show off who you are and what you’re about by customizing your profile to match your unique style.

You can get started today and destroy the competition in 2021. It’s quick, easy, and free to sign up, just click here and register to get the chance to express yourself and connect with people that share your interests.