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Hryzn's 2021 Summer Creator Program

Hryzn's 2021 Summer Creator Program



Hryzn is running a creator program and contest this summer for a chance to win $500. Creator's from all varieties can come together to show off their content.

What's Included? 

For all creators that are part of the program, each gets a structured mini-course that can help grow your brand and audience. The course dives into topics about building your brand, developing a content strategy, growing an audience, and making an income.

The course is aimed to help build a creator's confidence in their ability to use Hryzn to grow their audience and monetize their platform. With a structured process and training, the course is filled with valuable content, guides, and videos. A creator also gets guided one on one support and assistance.

In addition to the course, there is also a contest for the chance to win $500. The creator with the best blog post related to their branding and content is declared the winner of the contest. The blog post details are simple: write the best blog post you can as long as it's related to your brand. For example, a food blogger can talk about the best recipes they've encountered or a musician can speak about the power of music on the brain.

Entering the program is as easy as signing up with the code 'HryznIsAwesome' and making a blog post. Give it a shot and show us your best work. For more details go to or send us an email at [email protected]