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Short and Sweet: What is microblogging?

Short and Sweet: What is microblogging?



What is microblogging?

Chances are you may have heard this term “microblogging” before, but what is it? I know blogging is good for my business and search engine marketing, but what the heck is a microblog? To put it simply, microblogging is a form of short posts that provide entertaining and relevant information to keep an audience’s attention.

Short and Sweet vs Long and Informative

Tradition says “Longer posts rank higher and provides more information to my readers which means more sales”, but is this true? We’re genetically predisposed to favor quick reactions, and forcing our brain to concentrate is only getting more difficult as time progresses.

Based on this survey of 1,000 people by Contently, a content marketing platform, they discovered that 75% of people prefer to read articles under 1,000 words.Instead of creating content that we assume our audience wants, we should start to create content our audience prefers to consume.

What are the best platforms to microblog?

1. Hryzn

Hryzn is a social media platform that connects people through their interests. It is a creative outlet to find your voice and express yourself. You can explore through a range of topics that you are passionate about including cooking, anime, DIY, makeup, psychology, cryptography, and much more. The beauty is in your hands, giving you a full range of posting abilities to share your choice of blogs, pictures, videos, audio, or text for whatever you find interesting. You can customize your profile with various pre-set themes, fonts, colors, background images, and more to match your unique style. You have the traditional social network features including following, liking, saving, reposting, and commenting. Feel free to express yourself and post whatever you please, no matter if you’re a visual artist, musician, blogger, or small business.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a power house, being one of the most popular social networks today. You can create a profile and can post text, links, photos, videos, GIFs, audio, and more. The catch is each tweet has a 280 character limit. You can connect with other users replying and retweeting (sharing) their tweets to help increase your brand’s awareness.

3. Tumblr

With millions of different blogs, Tumblr is huge with short form content. You can create a blog and include links, text, photos, GIFs, videos, Spotify tracks, MP3 files, and more in your posts. Like a traditional social network, you can follow users to have their posts show up in your dashboard. You can also comment on and reblog other blogs’ posts on your own blog.

4. Instagram

Even though it is mainly a visual platform, Instagram also allows you to add 2,200 character long captions to each photo or video you post.Instagram is even sparking a new phase of journalism that focuses on crafting visually-appealing articles. On Instagram, you can follow profiles, discover new content, watch videos and stories, and like / comment on posts.

Why Hryzn is the best platform to get started

Hryzn is a social media that explores your interests and connects you with like-minded people that match your personality. Being a social media platform for interests, you’ll find many people that are interested in the same things you are looking for, meaning you can easily target your audience. With Hryzn’s built in search engine, users can find your blog and what your posting through a simple search. You can join groups to connect and share with your friends or people like what you like. Groups can be about anything including cooking, cryptocurrency, working out, or anything your mind can conjure up. You can even personalize your profile by changing the pre-set themes, fonts, colors, backgrounds, and much more.You can also message users, follow people, like posts, save the posts you enjoy, or even comment and repost.

It’s quick, easy, and free to sign up, just click here and register to get the chance to express yourself and connect with people that share your interests.