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Write for us on the Hryzn blog

Write for us on the Hryzn blog



We love the idea of having guest posts on our blog because it is always a win-win situation. We would love to have our reader's enjoy your content and gain real value from your practical information.

Since we believe there are mutual benefits for each parties, we would not charge you for a guest post. 

Each post is reviewed beforehand to be approved before placing on our site. The post must follow under these criteria:

  • Each guest post must fit under these categories: entertainment (for creatives), content marketing, blogging, growth strategy, and personal wellness.
  • Backlinks are acceptable as long as it is not advertisement/sponsorship focused and taking away from the core content of the post.
  • Discrimination is unacceptable. The post must not aim negatively towards color, religious faith, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political viewpoint, or country of residence.
  • The post should contain practical information or relevant entertainment for a reader's enjoyment.

If you're interested, feel free to send us any post you would like to be reviewed and we'll get back to you shortly.