Butterflies,butterflies, butterflies! | Hryzn

Butterflies,butterflies, butterflies!

I have always hesitated to talk about my personal interests for fear of boring people but....I have fallen so in love with my new hobby that I want everyone to know about my beautiful butterflies!  Yes the more the merrier.

I fell in love with butterflies when I visited the yard of a plant lady...you know where you buy home grown plants. I thought I was in a fairy land.  You literally walked around her amazingly beautiful yard with butterflies fluttering all around you. I was in LOVE! And so my journey began. 

Now I really thought it would be so easy, you plant the flowers and tada!!there they are....the beautiful butterflies would just magically appear and I would have my own land of the fairies.  

But it wasn't that simple. I soon learned that there is much more to this new hobby than what  I initially thought. 

The butterflies needed the nectar plants to eat and the host plants to lay their eggs. They needed a place to hide and rest. The lizards and other birds eat the caterpillars. But most of all I needed a green thumb!! Lol!

But luckily for me the gardens in Florida are forgiving (after all we live in a tropical paradise) and slowly I had some plants established. Some worked and sometimes I failed miserably. I learned that I was good with some plants but a failure with delicate flowers. I read and read some more. 

By now I have enough plants in my garden  that I now have the caterpillars to four different butterflies growing and eating in my yard. The regal Monarchs, the fairy sulphurs, the gorgeous swallowtail, and the polka dotted Oleander moths. 

I still have far to go...and much to learn. It's a journey of trial and error..and prayer that mother nature shines a smile on my garden..but it's certainly a completely worthwhile trip! My family is now familiar with some of the caterpillars and butterflies and I smile with joy when that happens. They know their names and the plants they eat. My friends also know about my journey and have begun to ask questions. 

I hope one of you soon join me.  🤗