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whipped chocolate ganache

Frosting . It’s either something you love or you hate . You’re either scraping it off your cupcake or eating it right off the spoon . But sometimes plain old buttercream can be boring . What if you want something new , or typical frosting isn’t your thing ? I’m here to show you an alternative to buttercream . Whipped chocolate ganache . It’s easy to make , and the consistency is great for icing a cake or cupcakes .  


~ 1.5 cups of shaved chocolate or chocolate chips . (Note that chocolate chips are harder to melt down and whip )

~ 1 cup heavy whipping cream  


That’s it ! 2 ingredients!

1. Heat up the whipping cream until hot , there should be bubbles forming at the top . Then place in a bowl. 

2. Pour your chocolate into the cream and let stand five minutes. 

3. Whip the mixture about 3-4 minutes until smooth and shiny . 

4 . Keep in fridge for ten minutes . Then whip again 

5. Fridge for ten minutes then whip again . Then repeat this one more time (should be a total of 30 minutes ) 


6. Keep whipping until consistency is light and fluffy . Let chill in the fridge and when you’re ready just take a spatula or piping bag and ice ! 

This pairs well with my homemade chocolate cake which you can also find on my page . Happy baking ! 


Chocolate ganache