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Superhero Quotes That I Made UP

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  Posted on July 8th, 2020

"When it's time to take out the villains, always check the time before the crime."

"As a superhero, I must have a super sized meal to feed my hunger for protection of the people and city."

"I must find a way out of this situation, before the situation finds me."

"This battle might be a tough one, but not as tough as sirion steak!" Hahaha

"Its a good morning for a day off of crime if I don't have to grind."

"Well, looks like being a hero is a tough job that doesn't pay much, but I can get free lunch!"

These are some of the ones I thought about and they are lighthearted and funny. If you want a Villans' quote, just let me know in the Twitter comments.

Have a good one and I'm, "Growing Roots from the Ground Up!"πŸ˜€

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Superhero quotes that no one would say or express in a show, movie, comic book or commercial. #Superhero #quotes #SuperVillain