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Villain Quotes that I Made Up!

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Posted on July 19th, 2020

Here is the SuperVillain quotes version of what I made up when it came to being evil and mysterious. If you haven't check out the Superheroes version of this, you can read it here.

The purpose of these quotes for heroes and villains is to bring creative, comedic and unique one liners on what they would say in any situation. I think it's funny and cool to give out lines on what you think a hero or villain would say from any TV show, movie, comic, manga, commercial, cartoon, animation or preview trailer. Hope you enjoy it! :) 

"Hahahahaha, I'm chilling because I'm a villain and like to laugh out loudly." 😂

"In order to take over the world, I must first take over my community as a mayor and volunteer."

"My power is rising at an extreme rate and so is the underground laboratory bill for lighting and electricity."

"I am the best villain around and nothing can stop me! Not even a red stop sign! Hahaha!"

"I didn't say minions are not great helpers or sidekicks, I meant they will never have a supervillain mentality."

"Since today is my off day, I can finally sit down and watch some superhero movies and TV shows with the crew."

"Just because you see me as a Supervillain does not eliminate the fact, that others see me as their Superhero."

"Hmmm, instead of destroying the restaurant, we should just build our own restaurant to take away their customers. Hahaha. And serve a soup spicy special with extra toppings and bread!"

"I don't like heroes because they want to stop me, I don't like them because they stole my costume idea and wore the same colors as me! That's not cool and fair!" Hahaha lol

"Yes you are right, when we fight every time it feels a little different, but this time I know your routine and will expose it."

"I am through playing games because too much time can cause a tie, but I always win in the end."

"Yes, I am a villain and no I'm not on the dark side, but I want some hot fries as a side."

"Becoming a Supervillian takes different skills and abilities like preparation, costume design, monologue acting, shadowboxing, budgeting and baking!"

And that is it for the Supervillain quotes from what I can think of and create. Like and comment on this post on what you think of the Supervillain quotes. Have a good day!

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