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Anime Rap Battle Episode 3: Family Fusion Fight to the FULLEST!!! Gotenks vs. Gogeta!!

Posted on August 14th, 2020

All right! Who likes fusion or heard of fusion from your favorite anime or cartoon show? Well today we have a fusion battle between father and son from Dragon Ball Z to settle the debate of who has the best rap lyrics. Will the winner be Gotenks or Gogeta? Find out now in this epic family fusion battle!

All right!! Ready! Set! Fusion! HA!!!!


Verse 1

Everyone knows who I am it's the mighty Gotenks, here to save the day from evil because it doesn't take breaks, anybody who fights me is easy like Buu cake, back away unless you want to get buster cannon baked and erased

I don't deal with non-canon fusions because you are fake, I was here first so I deserve a big steak and popular around the world selling fusion mixtapes!

I'm sure you can't handle this, so let me turn Super Saiyan and that will be a doughnut win! (Buu like doughnuts!- Majin Buu)


Verse 1

Hmm, okay then you calling me non-canon but I am the strongest and most popular saiyan, I get more attention than you and Vegito if yall did fusion(HA)

I don't need to show my base form because my power and bars will leave you in ruins, ask the fans and creators why I was chosen to be in two movies where the views and ratings were highly broken (Yeah!)

I am the father and your father of this show and movie roles, go back and train with your Master Piccolo, so you can learn to think before you speak and respect the Super Saiyan Fusion Throne!! (Ooooo, that blast bar had a Kamehameha on it!- Janemba)


Verse 2

That's it!! I had enough!! Time to get serious!! *Powers up!! Turns into Super Saiyan 2!*

ALL RIGHT!!! I had enough of the son puns, you made me angry so here I come! Don't worry this battle had just begun and after these words we will see who shines the brightest and who should be called SON! I'm all charged up for a energy bomb to obliterate any opponent with super saiyan rhymes, I can outmatch and outbar anybody in the Majin Buu saga, I was the bright spot when Gohan and both of you were gone, I even faced Majin and Super Buu head on, Master Piccolo taught me well in the Time Chamber to send you back where you belong. The first and best fusion between two sons is still staying strong! (Oooo Buu like strong fighters, that's why Buu agree with Gotenks!- Majin Buu)

That's right you hear what I said and it's time to end this instead with a Candy-Chocolate beam mixed up with a Volleyball attack scheme while I level up to SS3!! *screams AHHHH!!!*

A couple hits with the sets, Galactic Doughnut wrapped around the attack then, a big huge spike slam to the ground with a kamikaze attack from the ghost alongside a kamehama with the most, let's face it after this your fusion timer is toast!


Verse 2

Okay my turn!!!! *Screams AHHHHH!!!! and powers up!* It's time to turn up into a Super Saiyan 2! After these bars you will be through! I don't need my full power to eradicate you and my time limit is short but five minutes is enough to get the job done! You appeared in the Majin Buu Saga, failed at fusion the first time even got bodied by Buu and Super Buu as a punchline, couldn't defend the earth and let everyone got eaten up and absorbed inside Super Buu's stomach, so I know Kid Buu and Janemba would destroy like a bag of lunch! (Haha, yeah that is right Gogeta. He couldn't fight me in our movie!!- Janemba)

That's right because when I'm fused together we dont play around and mess up, non-canon or not I got more enemies bodied than you in DBZ and Super combined, end you with soul punisher because your out of line and say goodnight to your fusion time!!


Wow! What an epic Family Fusion Rap Battle!!! And they all did under the 5 minute time limit for their own fusion!! AMAZING!!!!

Thanks for reading, make sure to leave a like and comment on the post!! And tell me who won the Fusion Rap Battle and which is fusion is your favorite from the Dragon Ball franchise? :)

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The Family Fusion Fight between father and son on who is better in the arena and the mic!! #anime #fusion