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2020 NBA Playoff Predictions for the 3&6 Seed and 2&7 Seed Matchups

All right, who's ready for the NBA Playoffs 2020 Edition in the Orlando Bubble? I know I am and ready to watch some NBA playoff games while giving my predictions & previews of what I think is going to happen and for the first round of the NBA playoffs. And yes, I am counting Game 1 for these FIRST ROUND predictions because I want to watch Game one and see how everything unfolds and happens before I make a prediction with an actual playoff game to look at instead of the regular season matchups. In addition, I understand that everybody does it before the playoff series which is understandable because they want to give their entire predictions on a game by game basis or series basis for anything that happened from the regular season. I get it but wanted to do something different, which is fine because one game doesn't determine an entire series majority of the time and it could fun to do so here I go. :)

Epic Series between Denver and Utah!!

3. Denver Nuggets vs. 6. Utah Jazz

The first game of this series was very great and exciting to watch with it being the first official game of the 2020 NBA Playoffs Bubble Edition! Jamal Murray had 36 points, 8 Reb, 9 Assist and 65% FG with 66% from 3 point land. On the other side, Donovan Mitchell had a Utah Jazz record 57 points in a playoff game to go with, 7 Assist and 9 Reb with 57% FG and 40% from 3-Point range. Also, Ingles chipped in with 19 points, Clarkson off the bench scored 18 and Gobert with 17. The other Nuggets players helped as well with Jokic scoring 29, Grant with 19 and Monte Morris with 14 off the bench. Watching the game was very hyped at the very end where Murray went off to force overtime then Mitchell was matching him. The overtime was hyped and exciting to watch for the offense and defense displayed on the court. In my opinion, the best Game 1 in the first round for every series in the 2020 playoffs!!

Anyway, I got the Denver Nuggets winning this series in six games. It will be a great series to see Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell versus Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray on the floor battling it out as guard-center duo. Also, it would be nice to see the other players as well like Joe Ingles and Michael Porter Jr stepping up alongside their supporting cast for their team.

Champion Raptors vs. Nets

2. Toronto Raptors vs. 7. Brooklyn Nets

All right for the first Eastern Conference Matchup, we got the 2nd Seed Defending Champions Toronto Raptors versus the 7th Seed Brooklyn Nets. And in that game, I got the Raptors winning in five games against Kyrie and KD-less Nets team fighting for a role on the team for next year. In addition, I got the Nets winning one game because they fought hard in the NBA Bubble against all the teams they played and Levert, Jarrett Allen and Joe Harris might go off in one game scoring a bunch of points.

In Game 1,

Fred Van Fleet had 30 points, Serge Ibaka had 22 points and Pascal siakam had 18 points. And for the most part the Toronto Raptors blew out the Brooklyn Nets throughout the whole game. However on the Nets side, Caris LeVert had 15 points, Joe Harris had 19 points and Timothe Cabarrot had 26 points. They played the best they could but ultimately the series is over in five games.

76ers and Celtics

3. Boston Celtics vs. 6.Philadelphia 76ers

In Game 1, Joel Embiid had 26 points, Richardson had 18 points and Alec Burks had 18 points for the 76ers. However they lost to the Celtics as Jayson Tatum scored 32 points, Brown with 29 points and Walker had 19 points in Game 1. It was close game for sure where the 76ers could of but fell short at the end. My prediction for this series is the Boston Celtics winning against the Philadelphia 76ers in six games. I can see this being a good tough series, and I feel that Joel Embiid and the crew should at least win a couple of games because Boston's shots might not fall a couple of times. Also, Ben Simmons is injured and out for this series so his presence being gone will be felt for the 76ers. Ultimately, I got the Boston Celtics winning the series in six games with a better coach and roster.

Clippers and Mavericks

2. Los Angeles Clippers vs. 7. Dallas Mavericks

Whew, the first game of this series had a good flow of monument for both sides in the second half pretty much going down to the wire. In Game 1, Luka had 43 points in his debut, Hardaway Jr. with 18 points and Porzingis with 14 points. The Clippers leading scorers were Kawhi having 29 points, George with 27 points and Marcus Morris with 19 points. And now the last game of the day is the two seeded Los Angeles Clippers versus the seventh seeded Dallas Mavericks in this series matchup. I got the Clippers winning in five games since their got Kawhi and Paul George ready to get their aspiring championship run started. I know majority of people said six, but I'm going with five on this one being a close, tough battle for both teams. In addition, it could be a good experience for the Dallas Mavericks, with Luka Donic and Kristaps Porzingis making their first playoff appearance. It can give the young core group of guys for the Mavs experience against the Clippers while building towards the future as Luka-Porzingis duo.  

Thanks for reading my blog post and have a good day! :)

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2020 NBA Playoffs Orlando Bubble Edition!! This post is about the teams that played on Day one which are the 3&6 seed and 2&7 seed series Round 1 matchups. The NBA Playoffs are back in action and ready to roll!!Thanks for reading the description! :) #NBA #Playoffs #Bubble #2020NBA