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The Trio Ninja Adventure!! A Naruto Fanmade Story


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Kiba, Rock Lee and Naruto were all relaxing and hanging out downtown near a big river catching fish and making small talk.

Downtown Konoha had alot of streets more crowded than usual with people and families walking their children along the city streets.


It was a fun night. These kids were good. I remember those kids used to train at the academy. They weren't just walking away from us tonight. They were getting closer to us and listened to our advice. You know, it really made my day to help them out.


Kiddo, didn't those kids go to the ninja academy back then?

Naruto walks up to Rock Lee and Kiba.


Yes, Lee, and yes, Kiba they did go to the academy. I know them very well when I used to visit the academy.

Lee and Kiba turn around to look at the Naruto in surprise.


NANI!!! How do you know them?!!! You taught them or something?


No! These are not my students. They're my neighbors. (Smiles)

Rock Lee and Kiba just stand in amazement.



Can't help it. I am the leader of their group and wanted me to mentor them.

 Rock Lee and Kiba looked at one another and smiled.

In order for me to become leader of my clan, we need to get that scroll as soon as possible. And, we know why we need that scroll.


And why would we want to do that now?


Because we do not know if some kind of bad guy wants to steal the scroll and use it for power and greed.


We should hide the scrolls that we have, in our kitchen until we are ready to find the last one.

Rock Lee and Naruto both nod their heads.

The Clan members gather in the living room/kitchen to hide the scrolls. Naruto, Kiba and Rock Lee all put the two ninja tool scrolls in their waistbands and put the rest in the backpack they left earlier on the floor of their rooms.



Good work guys! Those ninjas will not be able to steal these scrolls from us because of your great ninja skills!


Hey that's no problem! We can't hide it for long. We only have one chance to get the last scroll before the ninja army comes.


And, to hide the scrolls from the ninjas, we have to be very stealthy.


All right then, let's leave the house and get ready for the army that is coming after us.

Naruto, Lee and Kiba all nodded their head and vanished using the ninja shadow blur movement to approach their locations in a fast manner. They couched and sat at their hiding places waiting for the army to show up at their house.


NARRATOR: Why is there a group of ninjas after Naruto, Kiba and Rock Lee? What is in the scrolls that make them valuable and important? Where will this story go? Find out next time on The Trio Ninja Adventure!! :)

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