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SuperVillain Quotes That I Made Up 2


 Here is part 2 of the SuperVillain quotes that I made up when it comes to being evil and mysterious or just plain funny in any genre, film, book, animation or story. If you haven't check out part 1 of this, you can click right here, or part 1 of the Superhero version, click here! Enjoy the blog post and leave a comment and like if you enjoyed the quotes. :)


"Tonight, I have to make plans with my side villain crew before I take over the bakery and candy shop. Hmmm"

*Opens up laptop and starts scrolling* " I have to see what the other villain leagues are saying about my newest invention to make us more popular and presentable. HAHA!!" "I can be the best looking SuperVillain in the city and region! :)"

"It's all right, if you can't match my power and strength, because I have taken lessons from the greatest teachers and students!"

" I don't understand why people think I'm a hero sometimes. I'm funny, popular and got the most swag than anybody." HAHA it's true!

"Hmmm, in order for me to win the next fight, I must go to sleep on time and eat a high energy breakfast."

"So you want to know how I became the way I am? Well, you have to go to the library and read my special edition book!!"

*Reads Newspaper* "Whoever wrote this article is correct 100%!! I did volunteer work for the city on my off day and people enjoyed my community service time!" :)

*Over hears heroes' conversation* "Nani!! They are having a hero/villain party without inviting me! How could they do that and not tell me!"

"People think there is benefits of being a SuperVillain in a big city. I tell people yes there is, but I have to pay high prices for a headquarters outside the city!" *gets angry* "I'm mad about that and want to change the law affecting every villain in this town! WHO is the mayor!!??" Haha lol


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SuperVillain Quotes that are made up and I wrote a second part, so hope you enjoy it! :) #Supervillain #quotes #Superhero