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SuperHero Quotes That I Made Up 2


This is part 2.


"I am not sure what to say, but I must help the citizens make Lemonade."

"Wait a minute! Not just Lemonade, I also have to teach them how to make Kool-Aid! *serious face* I must hurry before I'm late."

"Hmmm, so you are the one that is making all the noise in the forest with a mini megaphone on this peaceful, sunny morning."

"Time is of essence and I must finish this assignment, so I can eat dinner while watching a brand new show."

"It's too cold and rainy for me to fly outside with my new costume. I have to switch to my old costume, so I can keep the new one fresh and clean."

"People and coins can change too, so that's why I stop villains from robbing the bank and messing up the currency rate."

"Whew, today has been a long day and I want to take a vacation with my sidekick from the future. They sound cool, futuristic and can bake a variety of desserts and snacks!!" :)

*Picks up phone and starts scrolling* "I wonder what people are saying about me on the Hero net website. I haven't been very active on there alongside my hero duties. Hm"

"How do you think, you do against my new technique that I learned from ancient, old and famous former minions."

"Being the best is tough when the whole city and superhero organization expects alot from me. That's why I shifted the workload to the new recruits and sidekicks! HAHAHAHA" 


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