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Sakura and Ino Teaching at the Ninja Academy


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Sakura and Ino are both walking in the Leaf Ninja Academy to talk with the younger ninja who are about to graduate the academy as Genin before they take on their first mission.


All right class,  Iruka-sensei talked to Ino and I about giving you all advice and tips on what it's like being a Leaf Genin in Konoha.


(Ino nods and speaks) Yup, that's right!! We are here to answer all your questions about being a Leaf Genin and Sakura will talk first.


(nods at Ino) Thanks Ino! (Turns to the class) Okay, let's get started with the lessons. The first lesson is: Do not always 'concentrate' on speed or brute strength. You need to be aware of your surroundings and not be caught off guard on a mission. Okay?

(Students nodding their heads)

So let's start with the things that you need to be aware of first, and then we will take it from there.

The classroom full of Leaf ninja students nod their head and look at Sakura and Ino standing at the front of the class.


Don't pay any attention to the TV entertainment and rumors from other classrooms because they are just distractions! To properly train, you need to concentrate on a combination of weapons and the techniques learned from being in the ninja academy.

Student 1:

What do you mean by train properly?

(Sakura looks at the student raising their hand)

Sorry for asking! I don't understand and want to know more!

Sakura smiles and gets ready to explain her thought process.

Of course, we don't want the students to forget what we went through in the academy so I'm going to describe it exactly in these terms-

(breaths in and out before explanation)

All of the above means that you are always sharp, alert and in control of yourself. You do everything possible to avoid or at least control any stress that comes up in your life during and before the mission.

(pauses and puts one finger in the air.)

It's important to know your environment and surroundings as a ninja, because the enemy can put a genjutsu on you or your squad before you realize it.

The students nod and are engrossed with what Sakura said.


Yup, that's right class, so i am going to switch it over to Ino and she will explain more.

The students shift to Ino as Sakura sits down in a chair beside her.


Indeed, what Sakura said is correct. Being a ninja, you must train the mind and body properly with the techniques that are a great fit for your skillset.

Students raises their hand to ask a question.

Student 2:

How do i know which techniques fit my skillset? And what's a good way to properly train my mind and body against genjutsu?

Ino nods her head and answers the student's question.


That's a good question. First, you have to figure out your abilities and skillset through training with your squad and sensei before any mission. It will help you test out and discover abilities you have to use in battle and training. Second, you must learn the different types of techniques to create the most effective Ninjutsu against the genjutsu that can hurt you or your squad.

The students look in awe with what Ino said and very interested in learning more.


(shakes head) Yeah, that's right and if you need help with genjutsu techniques and how to break any genjutsu trap, you can talk to me or Sakura afterwards for more knowledge and practice.

The students smiled and nodded their heads to hear and listen in the classroom for more tips and advice from Ino and Sakura.

Afterwards, Ino finished talking and the class was over, as some students walked out and same stayed to learn more about being a ninja and genjutsu.


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Another fan-made Naruto story involving Sakura and Ino at the Hidden Leaf Ninja Academy!! This was made by the help of an AI tool called Deepstory AI that is created by ScriptBook to help write stories and screenplays. You check out DeepStory in the link below! #Anime #Naruto #NarutoShippuden #Other

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