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The NFL ProBowl and NBA All-Star Game Should Change, but is it Important?


All right, this blog post is going to be about the star-studded games in the NFL and the NBA that no one is interested in watching anymore within recent years due to complaints and entertainment value getting lower. The fans, media and players want to see a better product and game for NBA All-Star Weekend and the NFL Pro Bowl during the lead up for the event.

With that being said, Let's begin!!

I'm not going to pull up any stats, rating or numbers, just stating my opinion based on what I seen in the recent years of both games. First, the NFL Pro Bowl and NBA All-Star Game are both lackluster, unappealing and irrelevant in any way and amount is presented to the public audience. 

What I mean by this is, both the Pro Bowl and All-Star Game are two games that fans and media are looking forward to seeing every year when the voting process starts and ends for the selection of players from each conference. 

To me and others, It is just an All-Star/ Superstar scrimmage, practice, walk- through game with fancy dunks, layups,  three point shots from half court, involving no defense at all. All-Star game because they just play around and do fancy dunks and layups and don't run don't play defense. The players throw the basketball around to see who can  score the most points in a quarter throughout the whole game. The average scores are at least 120+ points for both sides with the Western Conference usually winning the game and All-Star MVP. In addition, the Western Conference always had the better All-Stars and Superstars on that side, so it was always lopsided from the beginning. The All-Star MVP is always the player with the most votes and the most points that night, with it particularly being a western conference player.

On the other hand, the NFL Pro Bowl it's not that competitive and entertaining to watch either with different players in different positions throughout the game, typically in the late third quarter and fourth quarter. They try other things too for enjoyment in the game such as, all three quarterbacks playing the game, switching out the wide receivers, running backs, linemen, linebackers, safeties and even special teams at times but it's not exciting with them just being out there for a meaningless game.

 I can understand why the players feel the way they do being out there and not wanting to get an injury at all from a fun week of vacation for them and their families. I understand the fans of all kind watching it with no interest at all and the media feeling a certain way too, because they're the ones broadcasting the ProBowl game and it's not all that great. The color commentary becomes stale and unenergetic, even when the players and coaches and refs are all mic'd up on TV and the sidelines.  

 Nevertheless, I wanted to write this out and say a few words and thoughts about the NFL Pro Bowl and NBA All-Star Weekend.

In the future, I will make a list of two or three things that I think can be changed for the NFL Pro Bowl and NBA All-Star Game for a possible better outcome for the fans, players and media.

I know the suggestions I have won't change anything short-term or long-term because I'm typing this in a blog format with no direct say or feedback in the matter. I'm pretty sure the NFL receives suggestions every year from fans on social media, players, coaches, refs and front office management about the game and season after it's over.

Anyway, thank you for reading this blog post and let me know if you think the NFL Pro Bowl and NBA All-Star games should change drastically, if not tell me your thoughts about both star-studded games for the NFL and NBA.

Overall, have a great day and Peace.

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Thoughts about the NFL ProBowl and NBA All-Star game. Thanks for reading the description and have a great read and day! :)