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GDPR Cookie Consent


Prior to delving deep into cookie banner details, one must understand what cookies are used for? Well, these are small text files containing scripts. These scripts store user data for the proper functioning of the website.

Cookies are split into two categories: essential and non-essential. The former is required for website functionality. Whereas, the latter is derived from various third-party sources. The third-party cookies are not as imperative for the functioning of a website.

The GDPR cookie consent banner is a way to acquire consent and inform the site visitor. They will be informed about their usage of cookies in a GDPR compliant manner with this banner. This piece of information is usually found on the top part of a homepage.


When a user first visits a website, the warning that pops up on that website is called a cookie consent banner. A website banner declares the cookies and tracking files present on a website. It also provides them with a choice to either accept or reject the use of all non-essential cookies. This happens prior to any use of cookies for the processing of their personal data.

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