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5 Safety Precautions to Follow While Working on Your Roof


Many homeowners prefer DIY solutions over professional services to tackle their problems. The reason is DIY can save you some decent money if you’ve some experience at the task at hand.

If you are also a DIY enthusiast, you have probably heard of or tried such techniques. While some projects only require a little creativity and basic tools, others are quite complex and need professionals to achieve the desired results.

For instance, if your roof has been showing any warning signs like roof leaks, you'll have to find the root source of the leak to fix it permanently. To achieve this, you need to have certain skills and expertise. And most importantly, you must have all the necessary tools.

Roofing projects, even the minor ones, are also complicated and risky. That's why it's necessary to ensure proper safety before attempting any DIY roofing task.

With that in mind, our experts have listed some of the most effective safety tips to avoid any nasty surprises.

1. Use Safety Gear

Let's face it – most roofing projects are time-consuming. So, be prepared to spend some serious amount of time on your roof even if you're working on minor jobs. That's why it's so important to wear appropriate clothes. Wear clothes and protective gear that will keep you safe and comfortable throughout your roofing project. While working on your roof, make sure you’re wearing safety gloves and glasses.

2. Wear Clean and Lightweight Footwear

Having suitable footwear is very crucial if you want to work on top of your roof. Your old shoes are not safe for roofing jobs. Get durable rubber soled shoes to prevent any unfortunate incidence like slipping off your roof.

3. Ensure the Correct Position of Your Ladder

When working on your roof, you'll need a ladder. So, invest in a high-quality extension ladder as it allows you to lean over safely. Another safety precaution you should not forget is to place the ladder firmly on the ground. Additionally, the ladder should touch the roof properly to avoid learning forward too much. Keep the ladder a little bit higher than your roof.

Also, choose an even ground to set up your ladder to avoid wobbling. Placing your ladder at the correct angle is also important. And make sure you fasten it to your roof securely.

4. Clear your Terrace first

To safely navigate your roof, make sure that the terrain is perfect. Clear the area before you start working on your roof. Remove leaves, dead insects, and twigs to avoid hurting yourself.

Once you’ve cleared the area, you can also wash your roof using a hose to get rid of stubborn debris. If you have a tool belt, use it to keep all the necessary tools while working on your roof.

5. Hire a Professional Roofer

Many of us enjoy learning new skills and saving money with some DIY projects, but dangerous ones like roof repairs should be left to the professionals.

At Alpha Roofing, we can help you inspect your roof and find subtle roofing issues before they become large scale repairs. So, it may be time to stop risking your life and call us at 318-373-5935 in Bossier City, or Shreveport, Louisiana. Alternatively, fill out the online form and schedule a FREE consultation today.