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Storm Chasers, Who They Are, and Why to Avoid Them


We have all heard the term storm chaser, which is used to describe people who knowingly put themselves in dangerous weather conditions at the risk of their lives purely for the thrill. As well as referring to someone trying to make a quick buck off of your unfortunate roof problem, this phrase may also be used to describe someone looking to make a quick buck.

What are storm chasers' methods? What do they do to make use of us?

The Storm Chaser Mindset

To begin, storm chasers wait for severe weather conditions to strike so they can get into action, such as hail or tornadoes. It is not uncommon for them to assemble a team made up of (usually) inexperienced roofers in order to perform quick fixes.

They are only interested in taking advantage of our misfortune. Through aggressive sales tactics as well as affordable repairs, the company is able to offer these services. I'm sure they will prove soon enough that they're the most reliable company.

It's often the insurance company that convinces us to make a claim. It is a tactic that often works because no one wants to spend from their savings. Several storm chasers will even waive the deductible for claims if it's not enough to lure you!

Why You Need to Avoid Storm Chasers at All Costs

While they may seem like a good deal, hiring a storm chaser will end up costing more than we anticipated!

It's not quite as simple as that, because storm chasers are well-aware of exactly how insurance companies operate. In light of this, they give us a deal on "quality" shingles at a bargain price, as a result of their estimation of how much material we need. The reality is that they will put low-grade shingles on our home.The contractors will also try to cut corners, due to their lack of experience, by repairing our roof from the outside instead of repairing any underlying problems.

We may then see our homes becoming more damaged over the following few months.

How to Recognize a Storm Chaser

In the event of severe weather conditions causing damage to our roof, we immediately take action to fix it. The problem with storm chasers is that we're vulnerable mainly because of this.

Hence, early detection of scammers is crucial in order to protect ourselves. What can we do to accomplish that? Here are two obvious signs we’re dealing with storm chasers:

  • We get knocked on our door immediately after a storm and they insist on inspecting our roof
  • A repair job will be offered to you without seeing the damage.

Hire a Professional to Fix the Damage

The most important thing we need to remember when dealing with storm chasers is to stand our ground. They should never be allowed on our roof, despite how persistent they are.

Using a professional roofing company like James Russell Roofing will ensure that all of your roof's problems will be resolved.

Every challenge is met by our expert team. We will make sure your roof is as sturdy today as it was when you bought it!