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Heat, Algae, and Storms: Your Roof’s Greatest Enemies!


One of the most vital parts of a home is the roof. Among themany functions it serves, the roof protects us from the weather and theelements, ensuring our safety. Many homeowners, however, don't know much aboutproper roof maintenance, so it is surprising to see that they do so.

Roofs in Florida can take a beating due to the harshclimate. Hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme heat, humidity, and thunderstorms canbe rough on any roof. Here are six reasons to pay attention to when it comes toroof damage in Florida.

Storms, Rain, andHail

Storms accompanied by heavy rains and strong winds can causesignificant roof damage. Strong winds and hail can lift off and punctureshingles, thus leaving open patches in the construction. The next storm willcause water to leak between the cracks, causing moisture to accumulate on theroof.

Homeowners should, therefore, thoroughly inspect their roofsevery time they suspect they may have been damaged by a storm for cracks,holes, and missing shingles. Performing preventative maintenance can keep themaway from moisture stains, mould, and rot.

Scorching Climate

A roof exposed to heat, UV light, and the sun for longperiods can suffer the effects. Roof shingles are discoloured and crumble,crack, and decay when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, major damage anddistortion are likely to occur to the entire roof structure.

Therefore, if you see the damage, you should not wait for itto become noticeable. Our regular maintenance program includes roof assessmentsto prevent unpleasant surprises and costly damage.


There are several ways in which trees can damage a roof, andtrees will reduce their lifespan in various ways. A tree that is dying or illmay not survive a storm and collapse onto a roof. Furthermore, broken branchesor limbs, as well as low-hanging branches, can scratch or rupture the shingles,allowing moisture to seep in.

It's crucial not only to trim your trees and remove hangingbranches but also to maintain a safe distance between large trees and to cleanout your gutters and drains.


Heat and humidity make Florida the perfect place for algaeto grow. Algae can cause permanent stains and rot, deteriorating the roof'sintegrity over time.

The good news is that we can avoid this dangerous organismfrom taking over the roof with professional washing and algae removal. Aprofessional roofing company can identify algae growth, remove it, and preventfurther growth by applying special roof coatings.


Even though moss tends to be a cosmetic concern, it can poseserious problems. As a result, patches of moss absorb water and hold it againsta roof's surface, rotting the roof slowly.

Fortunately, it's possible to extend the lifespan of a roofby removing moss, installing copper or zinc protection, and identifying mossgrowth early on. The best solution for moss removal is to leave it to theprofessionals who have the right equipment and safety gear.

Lack of (or Poor)Maintenance

When leaks and stains appear on the roof, the damage hasalready been done. The majority of the time, however, major problems could havebeen prevented with a minor repair or cleaning.

The roof structure must be regularly maintained (and in aproper manner) if we hope to keep it in top condition. You should thereforeinspect your roof regularly to make sure it doesn't have any missing shingles,cracks, or debris. We also offer our Roof Preventative Maintenance (RPM)program and will take care of your roof safely and effectively.

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All Tennessee homeowners will likely have to deal with roofproblems at some point. Yet, there is a way to not only repair but also preventroof damage regardless of its cause.

Fortunately, Admiral Roofing provides quality roof maintenanceservices. With our help, you can stay on top of your roof and avoid anyproblems for a long time.